About the Girl Under the Ponytail

My mother tells me I didn’t have any hair until I was three; but, once it grew, I had masses of such thick, wavy hair that the only way to tame it was in a ponytail.  I’ve been living life under that ponytail for 33 years (except for a moment of insanity when I cut it all off and essentially lived life as a 22-year-old Shirley Temple).  Now, I reflect on whatever life throws at me and my ponytail with a whole lot of sarcasm and honesty (yes, those two things can go together) all wrapped up with a neat little “What the Hell?” bow.

Bailey Shawley earned her undergraduate degree in English Literature, along with her PA Secondary Education Teaching Certificate, from Lycoming College in 2003 and her Master of Education in Educational Development and Strategies from Wilkes University in 2010. Hundreds of students grades 7-11, dozens of PA and national standards, eleven years, five co-teachers, three classrooms, two school districts, and one leap of faith later, Bailey has learned that reading and writing with a roomful of teenagers actually may be considered a form of cruel and unusual punishment for all parties involved. Joining the world of freelance writing and blogging, Bailey is following her passion and striving to instill that same passion in her two all-time favorite students, her young sons.

Contact: baileyshawley@gmail.com or @baileyshawley

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